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Scientific Advisory Committee: Andy Kanner, Alexis Arzimanoglou, John Duncan, Hajo Hamer, Edouard Hirsch, Philippe Kahane, Suzanne Knake, Sam Lhatoo, Hans Lüders, Jonathan Miller, Philippe Ryvlin, Felix Rosenow

DAY 1 - JUNE 15

8:00       Registration and Coffee

8:30       Welcome Address – Sam Lhatoo MD

8:45       Distinguished Epileptologist Lecture – Sam Wiebe MD

                   Intractable Focal Epilepsy in the 21st Century – How far have we really come?

                EPIDEMIOLOGY, NATURAL HISTORY AND OUTCOME    Chairs: Ley Sander, Sam Lhatoo

9:30         Intractability: The scale of the problem – has it changed? – Ley Sander MD PhD

10:00       Intractability – have new AEDs made an impact? – Frank Gilliam MD

10:30       Mortality in the intractable population – has anything changed? – Michael Sperling MD

11:00       Case discussion: Latency to surgery – fact or fiction? – Felix Rosenow MD

11:30       Coffee Break

11:45      Plenary Lecture – Philippe Ryvlin MD PhD

                     Epilepsy Surgery – Has the Post-Resection Era Begun?

12:30       Lunch Break

                     Industry Symposium – Inside Aptiom (Eslicarbazerpine Acetate) – Stephan Schuele, MD

                     For the treatment of partial-onset seizures as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy.

                     Register now: http://www.APTIOMmeetings.com code: 205490



1:30       Seizure tracking – personalized care of intractability – William Theodore MD PhD

2:00       What Big Data can do for Intractability – Brian Litt MD PhD

2:30       Epilepsy and Seizure Classification – A pragmatic look – Hans Lüders MD PhD

3:00       Case discussion: Classification Conundrums – Hajo Hamer MD

3:30       Coffee Break

THE NEUROIMAGING OF INTRACTABILITY    Chairs: John Duncan, Philippe Ryvlin

 3:45       7T MRI in presurgical assessments – what are we chasing? – Renzo Guerrini MD

4:10       Functional Imaging – where do we stand now – Suzanne Knake MD PhD

4.35       O2 enhanced and other MRI techniques in focal epilepsy – Giri Kalamangalam MD

5.00       Multi-modality Imaging – how it helps – John Duncan MD

5.30       Case Discussion: How imaging helps/does not help me – Andreas Schulze-Bonhage MD

6:00       Session end

6:30       Welcome Reception – Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres